CARDS PLAY stands for Character Attitude Respect Determination Success – Positive Learning All Year

The program was created to help close the achievement gap in inner city schools, while promoting physical activity and a healthy lifestyle at the same time. The premise behind the program is to reward students who meet certain goals throughout the year by giving them the opportunity interact with UofL student-athletes. Students who are doing exceptionally well in the classroom also get the opportunity to attend a UofL football game and a women’s basketball game. The goals were created to be attainable for all, yet challenging in the process. These goals were created by K4K and officials from the schools participating in the program. In order for the children to earn the right to participate in CARDS PLAY, they must meet the following criteria:


  • Primary Students (Grades K-3) – Earn 22 out of 27 SATISFACTORY marks per semester
  • Intermediate Students (Grades 4- 7) – Earn 2.5 Grade Point Average (GPA)


  • No more than 5 absences per semester
  • No more than 5 tardy slips per semester


  • No suspensions
  • No more than 4 school and/or bus referrals per semester

Character Improvement:

Teacher referral based on students’ effort to improve (adult antidotal observation)