Changing Africa Through Education (C.A.T.E)

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Changing Africa Through Education ( C.A.T.E)
This mission trip was also established as a means of providing professional athletes, entertainers, doctors, politicians and other professions the opportunity to give back to global communities at large. These people collaboratively work throughout the trip to help improve living conditions while providing an opportunity for a better future for the underprivileged. The purpose of C.A.T.E. is to minimize inequalities by maximizing opportunities. Through this annual trip the advancement and sustainability of popularizing American Football will be promoted.

During the visits, distinguished dignitaries of the government welcomed C.A.T.E. and the two entities meet to discuss current and future goals, which include but are not limited to:

  • Introduce American style football and promote fitness and nutrition among Nigeria youths.
  • Promote education and aid in creating more conducive learning environments.
  • Promote the knowledge and use of Information Technology and other forms of technology in Africa and globally
  • Aid in improving health and water conditions.
  • Raise more HIV and AIDS awareness, especially among the youths.
  • Helping fight Breast Cancer among women

Below are some of the CATE programs: