Collegiate Scholarships

For parents who have incomes that just skate above the line of assistance, college may not even be a dream for their children. Because of this, K4K offers a support through scholarships offered to students in the inner city high schools entering college in Houston, Texas, Huntsville, Alabama and Louisville, Kentucky. Specific criteria must be met in order to qualify for the scholarships.

At present, partnerships exist with The University of Houston, The University of Louisville and Alabama A&M University. Each of these fine institutions are working to get matching funds to allow the funds donated by the Kickoff 4 Kids scholarship program to go further, and for more students to participate. Prospective students must meet all requirements of the university and be enrolled in order to participate in the program, along with their application.

The student with the most outstanding criteria in each market is awarded a scholarship. Kickoff 4 Kids has awarded 10 scholarships since its inception.


 Big Borther Big Sister of Kentuckiana