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giving hope to Kids, Communities, and Building Unity among the children of the world.

Thru Sports Mentoring

We have been changing the lives of many kids!

Sports mentoring camps catch children and young adults falling through the cracks. The majority of the kids attending K4K camps are poverty-stricken or in at-risk situations. The camps for at-risk kids are free to the participants. Several paid camps are also held, to help fund the at-risk program. The mentoring program used in the camps focuses on the importance of education, bully prevention, implementing self-esteem and healthy living. Amobi Okoye holds the camp himself, and several other NFL players and area coaches join him in teaching proper technique, inspiring a love for school as well as physical activity.

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Kids We Touched

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How we help

Youth Soccer Outreach Program

As part of the camp the youth were shown key soccer techniques. The participants were shown drills and engaged in exercises, scrimmages, and group talks.

Sports Mentoring Camp

To teach children the fundamentals and techniques of American Football while promoting physical activity

Medical Services

Provide free medical equipments, drugs and clinics screenings. Treating the common infectious disease such as bad vision, malaria, arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, back ache, typhoid fever, ulcer, and bacteria infections.

Books Abroad

Distributed three 40ft container filled with books and school supplies.

The Amobi Okoye Foundation

Needs your support! Make a difference in a kids life and donate to a noble cause. Your support is highly appreciated.

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